Colours & Healing Properties

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Colours and their healing properties are all around us.

Imagine A World Without Colour

No blue skies, no green grass beneath your feet.

It’s easy to take the world’s kaleidoscopic palette of colours for granted, just a little bit.

Colour and light go hand in hand, illuminating the way through life, inspiring us and bringing us and our loved ones closer together. Making memories more memorable and attractions stronger, colour can influence us in profound ways. Imagine if you could harness the power of colours to add its healing powers to your everyday life.

Colour Is Immersive

Fresh green granny smiths, or pink ladies, if they are more your thing. Blueberries, bluebirds, bluebells, everything in nature that grows or lives has a colour and vibration. Even the skyscrapers in our concrete jungle cities reflect the blue of the skies above. 

Everything that is around us; the clothes we wear, the colours we dye our hair with or put on our skin; everything that is felt, seen or tasted is a part of the multicoloured fabric of life. 

Visually, colour bombards the senses, but we have become so accustomed to it that we don’t even notice that colour touches every aspect of our lives. We are just as interconnected to the universe as colour is to us. 

The Energy of Colours & The Potential Of Healing

Colour is all about the way that light gets reflected or absorbed. 

In spiritual terms, light was manifested by the creator to separate what was before from the infinite possibilities of the universe we now live in. Light brought the energy with which multitudes of universes and solar systems were created.

The fact is that light travels as an electromagnetic wave, consisting of an electric field and a magnetic field travelling together through space. It is the transference of energy without the transference of material. 

These waves travel at an incredible 300,000,000 metres per second in the vacuum of space, moving at a much lower velocity through denser mediums such as wood and glass. 

All this to say, there’s a lot of power behind the colour that you can see all around you right now.

Colours & The Environment – Healing Yourself & Your Loved Ones

Get in touch with the more subtle side of life by becoming in tune with how colours around you can affect you and those you live with.

Dramatic red sunset over silhouetted houses


Red is the colour with the longest wavelength and the slowest rate of vibration. This passionately powerful colour stimulates and strengthens the body, and is known to raise blood pressure. If you feel tired or lethargic, wearing red can be a great way to perk yourself up and get the blood pumping around your body again.

Delicious tangerines


Orange has an energising feel to it, encouraging confidence and good self-esteem. Can be antidepressant and it increases self-awareness. Orange has positive effects on the digestive & reproductive systems. 

Yellow wild flowers


This may be the brightest of colours, and it is the colour of self-power, energising and uplifting all those around with a massively positive and sunshiney influence. Yellow represents the ability to express your true self helps you be confident in your own skin.

A mountain lake in Norway


Green can help us reconnect to the source of nature, our home, planet Earth. We intuitively crave green spaces when we feel stressed out. This indicates a need for balance and harmony which green can provide us with. Escaping to the countryside or surrounding ourselves with earthly green tones can help heal hyperactivity and bring a sense of stability and groundedness.


Blue is a calming and relaxing colour that inspires focus, clarity of mind and inner peace. Relaxing turquoises and ocean colours have been shown to lower blood pressure, calming the autonomous nervous system and leaving us with a sense of security. It also represents truth and good communication. This can help to heal relationships with others as you become more certain in yourself and your message.


Indigo is a combination of blue and violet, retaining healing qualities from both colours. And with this shade of deeper blue, we move further into the realm of enlightenment and wisdom. Indigo stimulates the pineal gland / third eye chakra and offers love, wisdom and protection. 

In the garden


Purple is a very spiritual colour. It is a colour of passion and healing, with references in the bible identifying it with the transcendence of Christ. Shades of purple show connection to royalty and sacredness. Purple is made up of the contrasting colours red and blue. It is the only colour that can be either a warm or cold colour, depending on the undertone.

I hope that now you are armed with this knowledge, that next time you or someone you love is feeling low or under the weather, you will know a little something you can do to help counteract it.

If you read this and enjoyed it I would love you to leave a comment with your favourite colour. Try and guess what mine is 💗